Learning Org mode

What is Org mode?

Org mode can help you manage your tasks, take notes and much more.

The home for Org mode on the web is orgmode.org.

Why should I use Org mode?

Org mode works with text files which you can read in any text editor, as well as within Org mode and other specific apps such as beorg on iOS or Orgzly on Android.

Text files are future proof - you’ll be able to still read them in decades to come. Text files can be kept only on your computer or on a cloud service of your choice.

Org mode is extensible - there are commands for logging time, tracking habits and much more. As Org mode is free software, and based on text files, you can do things with Org mode which just aren’t possible in apps where your data is hidden from you in a database.

If you use apps such as Omnifocus, Things or Todoist - and like the idea of greater ownership of your data - then Org mode might be for you.

If you’ve been put off using other task managers because you don’t want your data in a silo or not under your control then Org mode may well be the answer.

Getting started

Let’s get going with Org mode

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